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Creative Worship DTS

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Empower a generation of disciples, Usher a heart of creativity,and Cultivate a community of serving.

As a base our mission is to Empower followers of Jesus by; helping them discover God’s design for their lives; encouraging practical application of the word of God, as well as using their personal giftings and abilities.

We want to Usher a heart of creativity as a base, not only  as a tangible space for all forms of art to be breathed, but through the understanding of how God uses different forms of creativity to influence and shape our society.

We desire to Cultivate a community of available, generous, servant leaders, who follow Jesus as he was the perfect model of loving and serving the poor and needy. As YWAM Prague we not only want to focus inwardly but take time to reach out beyond our walls, into our city, and the nations.


Prepare spiritual ground for revival, Create space for seeds of the gospel to be planted and Awaken the heart of Europe.

As a base our vision is to partner with God in a movement to prepare the Spiritual ground in the Czech Republic, strategically positioned in the heart of Europe. We believe that   the ‘harvest is plentiful’ (Matt 9:37) and that God is inviting His people part of His story.

We want to Create space for God to plant seeds of righteousness and praise (Is 61:11) among His people, restoring them with the truth of the gospel.

We believe  God wants to use us to impart these seeds to Awaken the Czech republic to be a witness to all the world. (Acts 1:8)



What Is YWAM?

Youth with a Mission is a worldwide Christian moment operating in more than 1,000 locations in over 180 countries, with over 25,000 full time staff since 1960. YWAM is decentralized in structure; each centre is financially and legally autonomous, allowing locations to adapt and serve the specific needs of the community.



The Czech


The Czech Republic as a whole holds a very significant part in church history. In 1402, Reformation forerunner, Jan Hus preached the idea of Salvation through grace, by faith and that all believers could partake in holy communion. He was inspired by John Wycliffe’s teaching, which he translated into Czech.

One hundred and two years after Jan was burned at the stake, in 1415, Martin Luther read Jan’s ‘radical’ teachings, agreed with them and  took them further by writing his Nighty-five Theses.

Later on, a missions movement was born from fleeing Czech, Moravian Christians who were taken in and found refuge in a little town called Hernnhut, Germany. Here they sought God and revival came through non-stop worship and prayer and lasted for one hundred years. God used them in powerful ways to be sent out as His witnesses all over the world. The Moravians brought their own coffins with them and some even sold themselves into slavery to reach the lost.


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